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Vote: April’s Celeb Spotlight

Posted on: March 1, 2011

CupOfGossip‘s March Celeb Spotlight stars are Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. You guys voted all February long with over 5,000 votes counted – Miley got over 2,400 votes while Selena got got over 1,100 votes. Which makes these two hot starlets, our celebs of the month! It’s time to vote for April’s Celeb Spotlight. Vote in the poll below and the top two celebs will become our Celeb Spotlight stars for the month of April!

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57 Responses to "Vote: April’s Celeb Spotlight"

Hilary deserves to win!

Hilary the teen queen 🙂

[…] vencedoras! Parabéns as duas! E se você quiser votar na celebridade destaque de Abril, clique aqui! […]


Hilary duff of course the teen queen foerever and ever

Hilary the best!!!!!!!!! I love everything about her!!!!!!!!!!!! I need some new music soon!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!


i would totally buy a new album by hilary duff i would be more than awesome 🙂



Hilaryy!!!! the most talented

hilaryyyy duff (: no question about it!

Jonas Brothers best!

[…] Como postamos anteriormente, o site CupOfGossip estava fazendo uma votação para saber quem eram as duas celebridades destaques de março, e Selena estava concorrendo contra grandes nomes como Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, entre outros. Foram mais de 5.000 votos, e Selena, com 1.100 votos, e Miley Cyrus, com 2.400 votos, foram as grandes vencedoras! Parabéns as duas! E se você quiser votar na celebridade destaque de Abril, clique aqui! […]

I very much like Hilary…She it the best…

OMG! We love Hilary Duff !!!

Hilary! 😀

Duff FTW


hilaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

Hilary Duff….. you will be back! come on!

definitely Hilary duff

I want HILARY DUFF and Nicki Minaj to win!

Hilary Duff forever!!

Forever love HilaryDuff 爱你!

Always and for ever HIlary Duff love you <3<3 xoxo

omg i just love hilary duff and her book1!

hilary duff is so hot she has my vote


love DUFF…

hilary duff i will never stop loving her never no matter what she decides to do she is my role model for life

hilary duff!!!!

Why is everyone saying Hilary Duff. No offence but she sucks. TEAM DEMI ❤

Justin Bieber ❤

Justin Bieber!)

RI RI GO BEBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very love you RIHANNA!!!!!!!

Really? The most talented Hillary? Hahahaha so funny! OBVIOUSLY Demi deserves to win!

Zac Efron Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hilary Duff all the way

Wow, Demi fans are so rude. Sorry Hilary doesn’t have to go to rehab to get media attention.

oh shutup Demi is just natrually better at everything! Hilary is stupid! and has no talent .everyone hates her! its a fact 🙂

at least Demi didn’t arrested a couple hundred times!!!

Hilary Duff, there is no question she paved the way for your little Disney stars you now have. So haters stay pressed, as you can tell hilary still has a loyal fan base behind her. As for demi fans she still has not been to rehab so don’t talk…

hilary was part of disney!! and demi has more fans!!! and its the haters that brought demi to rehab so just shutup because Lovatics can win anything!

Hilary Duff Of Course.. u.u

i love Hilary Duff!

Vanessa Hudgens!
She is the best<з3

Vote Victoria Justice!!! Shes Amazing!!


the QUEEN.



Demi Lovato SUPER

Hilary Duff Лучше

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